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Claude Buck

Painter, teacher. Born 1890, Bronx, NY / died 1974, Santa Barbara, CA. As an art student he was called “Kid Hassam” for his emulation of the master.  He worked at the Willet Stained Glass studios and briefly as a theatre scene painter.  Beginning in 1914, he began to support himself with portrait commissions but suffered from melancholy 1916-25.  He was a founder of the “Introspectives”, a group of subjectivist painters who held their first exhibition at the Whitney studio, 1917.  In 1919, he moved to Chicago, teaching drawing and painting, eventually taking over Bellow’s classes at the Art Institute of Chicago.  He also taught at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, 1921-26.  Although he was considered a symbolist and creator of many imaginative works, he fought against the modernist movement.

Studied : with his father, William R. Buck; National Academy of Design, 1904, with Emil Carlsen, Kenyon Cox, George deForest Brush, Francis C. Jones, George W. Maynard (etching), H.A. MacNeil (sculpture), all 1904-12; Munich.

Member : Carmel Art Association; Society of Western Artists; Chicago Galleries Association; Grand Central Art Galleries; Society for Sanity in Art; Santa Cruz Art League (president).

Exhibited : Whitney Studio, 1917; Knoedler Gallery, 1917; J. W. Young Gallery, Chicago, 1918; Society of Independent Artists, 1918; National Arts Club, 1920;Thurber Art Gallery, Chicago, 1920 (solo); Chicago Galleries Association, 1926 (prize), 1927 (prize), 1928 (prize), 1930 (prize), 1931 (prize), 1932 (prize), 1935 (prize); Art Institute of Chicago, 1929 (Shaffer prize), 1932 (3 prizes: Logan medal, popular prize, and gold medal); Chicago Painters and Sculptors, 1932 (medal); All-
Illinois Society of Fine Arts, 1934 (prize); Vanderpoel Art Association, 1938; California Palace of the Legion of Honor, 1944 (medal); Oakland Art Gallery, 1945 (solo), 1946; Carmel Art Gallery; Santa Cruz Art Gallery, 1944-46 (prizes); Santa Cruz County fair, 1947 (prize), 1949 (prize), Statewide Exhibition, 1954 (prize), 1957 (prize); Society of Western Artists, 1948 (prize), 1952 (prize); Grand Central Gallery, 1932, 1940 (solo); Chicago Galleries Association; National Academy of Design; Purdue University; John Herron Art Institute; Brooks Memorial Art Gallery; Crocker Art Gallery; deYoung Memorial Museum; Laguna Beach Art Association; Swope Gallery of Art; City Art Museum of St. Louis; State Museum, Springfield, Ill; Art:USA, 1958.

Works held : Eastman Memorial Foundation; University of Chicago; Vanderpoel Collection; Swope Art Museum; Public Library, Santa Cruz; Santa Cruz Art Gallery; Roycemore School for Girls, Evanston, Ill; Elgin (Ill.) Art Museum; LaGRange (Ill.) Public School; Congregational Church, Chicago; Midway School, Chicago; Des Moines Public Library.

Sources : WW59; Paul Karlstrom, Claude Buck : American Symbolist Glastonbury Gallery, San Francisco (1983); WW47.


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