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William C. Adam - Trellis in Bloom
William C. Adam
Karl Albert - Spring Gift to San Jacinto Peak
Karl Albert
Adam Emory Albright - View of Laguna
Adam Emory Albright
Carol Alleman - Voice of Wisdom
Carol Alleman
Mabel Alvarez - Still Life
Mabel Alvarez
Anders Monsen Askevold - Norwegian Fjord Landscape
Anders Monsen Askevold
Clyde Aspevig - Glaicer Basin Hike
Clyde Aspevig
Dana Bartlett - Late Summer
Dana Bartlett
Carl Frederick Bartsch - Tending the Herd
Carl Frederick Bartsch
Charles (Carl) Baum - Still Life with Fruit
Charles (Carl) Baum
Gifford Beal - Horse Mackerel - Blue Fin Tuna
Gifford Beal
Louis Betts - Bathing by the Stream
Louis Betts
Korry Bird - Cardinals
Korry Bird
Franz Bischoff - Spring Blossoms
Franz Bischoff
Antoine Blanchard - French Scene
Antoine Blanchard
Carle J. Blenner - Indian Summer
Carle J. Blenner
Frank Myers Boggs - River Seine
Frank Myers Boggs
Edward Borein - Roping the Wild One
Edward Borein
Carl Oscar Borg - Navajos at White House, Canyon de Chelly
Carl Oscar Borg
Elizabeth Borglum - Wild Roses
Elizabeth Borglum
Dorr Bothwell - Desert Camp
Dorr Bothwell
Jessie Arms Botke - Yellow-Crested Cockatoos
Jessie Arms Botke
George Brandriff - Sunny Day, Brandriff Studio
George Brandriff
Maurice Braun - Along the Shore
Maurice Braun
Henry Joseph Breuer - Near the Sea
Henry Joseph Breuer
E. W. Brooke - Japanese Garden Scene
E. W. Brooke
John George Brown - Business Neglected
John George Brown
Benjamin C. Brown - Wildflowers
Benjamin C. Brown
George M. Bruestle - Trees and Valley
George M. Bruestle
Claude Buck - Still Life
Claude Buck
John Budicin - Conversation with Marco
John Budicin
Conrad Buff - Red Rocks, Utah
Conrad Buff
Ferdinand Burgdorff - Desert Peak
Ferdinand Burgdorff
Howard Russell Butler - Santa Cruz Island View
Howard Russell Butler
Guiseppe Cadenasso - Eucalyptus and Pond
Guiseppe Cadenasso
Curtis Chamberlain - Rosy Cloud
Curtis Chamberlain
Alice Chittenden - California Violets
Alice Chittenden
William H. Clapp - Home in the Woods
William H. Clapp
Alson Skinner Clark - Cathedral at Cuernavaca, Mexico
Alson Skinner Clark
Elanor Colburn - Morning Tenderness
Elanor Colburn
Roi Clarkson Colman - Enchanting Hour, Laguna Beach
Roi Clarkson Colman
Colin C. Cooper - Capistrano Mission
Colin C. Cooper
Walter Savage Cooper - Lovers
Walter Savage Cooper
Edouard Leon Cortes - Arc de Triomphe
Edouard Leon Cortes
John Cosby - Gentle Waters
John Cosby
William Alexander Coulter - Sailing Off the Rocky Coast
William Alexander Coulter
Eanger Irving Couse - By the Fire
Eanger Irving Couse
Gordon Coutts - Lookout Point
Gordon Coutts
Meta Cressey - Bert at Rest
Meta Cressey
Johann Mongles Culverhouse - Children Walking
Johann Mongles Culverhouse
Rinaldo Cuneo - Belle View, France 1913
Rinaldo Cuneo
Frank Cuprien - The Fog Bank
Frank Cuprien
Walter B. Currier - Malibu Seascape
Walter B. Currier
Hans Andreas Dahl - Along the Shore
Hans Andreas Dahl
William Swift Daniell - Laguna Reflections
William Swift Daniell
William S. Darling - Beach Party
William S. Darling
Montague Dawson - Solent Days off the Lymington Spit Buoy
Montague Dawson
Francis Day - Light of Love
Francis Day
Francis De Erdely - The Mexican Table
Francis De Erdely
Gustave de Jonghe - Playtime
Gustave de Jonghe
Paul De Longpre - Large Purple Clematis and White Daisies
Paul De Longpre
Raoul Maucherat De Longpre - Purple Iris & Lilacs
Raoul Maucherat De Longpre
Giuseppe de Nittis - A Cavalier
Giuseppe de Nittis
Edwin Deakin - Silver and German Prunes
Edwin Deakin
Albert Thomas DeRome - Spring Dunes - Bird Rocks - 17 Mile Drive
Albert Thomas DeRome
Frank Desch - Quiet Harmony
Frank Desch
Phil Dike - Low Tide (China Cove, Corona Del Mar)
Phil Dike
Maynard Dixon - Last Lap
Maynard Dixon
John Carl Doemling - Laguna Sea
John Carl Doemling
Paul Dougherty - Crashing Waves
Paul Dougherty
Herbert R. Drury - Gathering Storm
Herbert R. Drury
Marie Du Barry - San Diego Harbor
Marie Du Barry
Edward Dufner - Afternoon at the Shore
Edward Dufner
Frederick Melville DuMond - Tiger
Frederick Melville DuMond
Joseph Englehart - Running Stream
Joseph Englehart
Angel Espoy - Springtime Color
Angel Espoy
Ellen F. Burpee Farr - Indian Baskets and Poppies
Ellen F. Burpee Farr
Nicolai Fechin - Still Life
Nicolai Fechin
Hobart Felice - Distant Fog
Hobart Felice
John Fery - Landscape
John Fery
John Folinsbee - October Rain
John Folinsbee
Victor Clyde Forsythe - Silver Sunset
Victor Clyde Forsythe
Ben Foster - Church Under the Hill
Ben Foster
John Bond Francisco - Sunlit Hillside
John Bond Francisco
Leon Franks - The Blue Kimono
Leon Franks
Joseph Frey - Desert Morning
Joseph Frey
Charles Fries - McCoppers Springs, Atascadero
Charles Fries
Charles Fritz - Over Beartooth Pass
Charles Fritz
John Frost - Live Oaks, Lucky Baldwin Ranch
John Frost
John Gamble - California Coastal Colors
John Gamble
Leon Schulman Gaspard - Winter Scene Russia
Leon Schulman Gaspard
Lillian Genth - The Flower of the Glen
Lillian Genth
George Gibson - Ferry Landing
George Gibson
Arthur Hill Gilbert - The Golden Hills
Arthur Hill Gilbert
Bertha Walker Glass - Yellow Harbor House
Bertha Walker Glass
Joe Duncan Gleason - Fishing Boats
Joe Duncan Gleason
Robert Graham - Basket of Poinsettias
Robert Graham
Percy Gray - Poppie Lupine and Oaks
Percy Gray
William A. Griffith - Laguna Tidepools
William A. Griffith
Emile Albert Gruppe - Nymph by the Stream
Emile Albert Gruppe
Elmer Hader - Frances Adams
Elmer Hader
William Hahn - Supper by the Fire
William Hahn
Charles Haigh-Wood - In the Garden
Charles Haigh-Wood
Armin Carl Hansen - Quiet Waters
Armin Carl Hansen
Sam Hyde Harris - Newport Sunday
Sam Hyde Harris
Alexander Harrison - Dreaming
Alexander Harrison
E. Martin Hennings - Autumn Colors
E. Martin Hennings
Thomas Hill - Still Life with Fish and Vegetables
Thomas Hill
Edward Rufus Hill - Bridal Veil Falls
Edward Rufus Hill
Anna A. Hills - Spring in Laguna
Anna A. Hills
Clarence Hinkle - Untitled Beach Scene with Umbrella
Clarence Hinkle
Clark Hobart - Under the Oaks
Clark Hobart
Arthur Hoeber - Through the Trees
Arthur Hoeber
Ralph Holmes - Morro Bay
Ralph Holmes
William Henry Holmes - Gathering Fog, Santa Catalina Island, CA
William Henry Holmes
Henry Salem Hubbell - Tender Moment
Henry Salem Hubbell
Ralph Hulett - Fun at Disneyland, California
Ralph Hulett
Gregory Hull - Evening Glow
Gregory Hull
Esther Hunt - The Pet
Esther Hunt
Thomas Lorraine Hunt - Dancing Surf - Laguna
Thomas Lorraine Hunt
Frank Townsend Hutchens - By the River
Frank Townsend Hutchens
Filippo Indoni - Contemplation
Filippo Indoni
Rudolph F. Ingerle - Silvery Dawn
Rudolph F. Ingerle
John Innes - The Buffalo - Monarch of the Prairies
John Innes
Oscar Theodore Jackman - The Grape Festival
Oscar Theodore Jackman
Martin Jacob Jackson - Carmel by the Sea
Martin Jacob Jackson
William Franklin Jackson - Poppy Field near Marysville, CA
William Franklin Jackson
Charles Chapel Judson - Secluded Coast
Charles Chapel Judson
William Lees Judson - Tale of the Sea
William Lees Judson
G. Kauffmann - Arranging Flowers
G. Kauffmann
Ferdinand Kaufmann - Sycamores in Arroyo Seco
Ferdinand Kaufmann
William Keith - San Francisco Landscape
William Keith
Henry Keller - Andulasion Garden #2, Spain
Henry Keller
Aaron Kilpatrick - Home of the Sea Birds
Aaron Kilpatrick
Joseph Kleitsch - Boat Canyon, Laguna Beach
Joseph Kleitsch
Louis Aston Knight - California Flowers, Holmby Hills
Louis Aston Knight
Emil Kosa, Jr - The Ranch
Emil Kosa, Jr
Roger Kuntz - Old Laguna
Roger Kuntz
Ruben Lamb - Still Life with Apples
Ruben Lamb
Lorenzo Latimer - Hills and Shadows
Lorenzo Latimer
Paul Lauritz - Opal Sea
Paul Lauritz
William R. Leigh - The Goat Herder
William R. Leigh
Kathryn Leighton - Seaside Flowers, La Jolla
Kathryn Leighton
Leonard Lester - Enter the Enchanted Woods if you Dare, Point Loma
Leonard Lester
Maurice Logan - California, Rolling Hills
Maurice Logan
Helen Mackenzie - Mid-Summer
Helen Mackenzie
Kevin Macpherson - Autumn Canyon
Kevin Macpherson
Jean Mannheim - The Enchanted Tale
Jean Mannheim
Victor Marais-Milton - Education
Victor Marais-Milton
Xavier Martinez - The Hills
Xavier Martinez
Ralph Davidson Miller - 22 Miles of San Gabriel Valley
Ralph Davidson Miller
Barse Miller - The Shrine
Barse Miller
Richard E. Miller - Her Dressing Table
Richard E. Miller
Alfred Mitchell - In Afternoon Light
Alfred Mitchell
Mary de Neal Morgan - Cypress
Mary de Neal Morgan
Frederick John Mulhaupt - Moonlight Bathers
Frederick John Mulhaupt
John Francis Murphy - Indian Summer
John Francis Murphy
Auguste Henri Musin - Peaceful Harbor
Auguste Henri Musin
Samuel Mutzner - Afternoon Sunlight
Samuel Mutzner
Ernest Narjot - Shady Glen
Ernest Narjot
Bruce Nelson - Reflections on the Bay
Bruce Nelson
Thomas Clarkson Oliver - Narragansett Bay
Thomas Clarkson Oliver
Edmund Osthaus - In the Field
Edmund Osthaus
George Demont Otis - Hills and Mountains
George Demont Otis
Jules Pages - Semur en Auxios
Jules Pages
Lawton Parker - The Rose Arbor
Lawton Parker
Thomas S. Parkhurst - Afterglow - Carmel, California
Thomas S. Parkhurst
Frederick Alexander Pawla - Among the Poppies
Frederick Alexander Pawla
Edgar Payne - A Fantasy
Edgar Payne
Elsie Palmer Payne - Stone Gateway, Brittany
Elsie Palmer Payne
Ruth Peabody - Cinerarias
Ruth Peabody
Agnes Pelton - Bell Ginger - Honolulu
Agnes Pelton
Isabelle Clark Percy - Arch of the Rising Sun
Isabelle Clark Percy
Einar Petersen - Race Day
Einar Petersen
J.  Campbell Phillips - Wilmington Notch, Adirondacks
J. Campbell Phillips
Alexis Podchernikoff - Seaside Color
Alexis Podchernikoff
Stan Poray - Siesta
Stan Poray
Edward Henry Potthast - Grand Canyon
Edward Henry Potthast
George Thompson Pritchard - Market Day
George Thompson Pritchard
Hanson Puthuff - Verdugo Afternoon
Hanson Puthuff
Lee Fritz Randolph - River Flags
Lee Fritz Randolph
Joseph Raphael - Old Mill Pond
Joseph Raphael
Granville Redmond - Sunlit Poppies
Granville Redmond
Charles Reiffel - Summer in North Wilton
Charles Reiffel
Edna Reindel - Introspection
Edna Reindel
John Hubbard Rich - Still Life with Flowers
John Hubbard Rich
Arthur G. Rider - Rooftop Vista
Arthur G. Rider
Louis Ritman - The Apple Trees
Louis Ritman
William Ritschel - Storm Lashed Coast
William Ritschel
Julian Walbridge Rix - Through the Grove
Julian Walbridge Rix
Charles D. Robinson - View of the Bay
Charles D. Robinson
Guy Rose - The Distant Town
Guy Rose
Harry Roseland - Untitled - The Reading
Harry Roseland
Mary Herrick Ross - Still Life
Mary Herrick Ross
Mark Rossi - Barn Owl
Mark Rossi
Georges Rouault - Amazone
Georges Rouault
Carl Sammons - Wild Flowers-Pacific Grove, California
Carl Sammons
Paul Sample - Santa Paula Front Yard
Paul Sample
Birger Sandzen - Manitou, Colorado
Birger Sandzen
F. Grayson Sayre - Rockbound Coast
F. Grayson Sayre
Frederick Schafer - Mount Shasta
Frederick Schafer
Rose Schneider - El Capitan
Rose Schneider
Donna Schuster - The Concert
Donna Schuster
James Long Scudder - Pegleg White - The Jolly Old Hunter
James Long Scudder
Ettore Serbaroli - Landscape
Ettore Serbaroli
Millard Sheets - Fence Post View
Millard Sheets
William P. Silva - Jade Pool
William P. Silva
Charles L.A. Smith - In the Teeth of the Elements
Charles L.A. Smith
Jack Wilkinson Smith - California Coast
Jack Wilkinson Smith
George Spangenberg - The Fair
George Spangenberg
Will Sparks - House by the Sea
Will Sparks
Johannes Franciscus Spohler - Dutch Village
Johannes Franciscus Spohler
Norman St. Clair - Laguna Hideaway
Norman St. Clair
Dedrick Stuber - Jeweled Waters
Dedrick Stuber
James Swinnerton - Desert Homestead
James Swinnerton
George Gardner Symons - By the Pond
George Gardner Symons
Michael Tammaro - The Last Stand
Michael Tammaro
Frits Thaulow - Along the River
Frits Thaulow
Alice Blair Thomas - Springtime Brilliance
Alice Blair Thomas
Mary Bradish Titcomb - In the Dune Country
Mary Bradish Titcomb
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec - Songsheet
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
Irene Trevorrow - The Old Cider Mill
Irene Trevorrow
Artist Unknown - On Seventeen Mile Road,
Artist Unknown
Manuel Valencia - Marin County
Manuel Valencia
Christian Von Schneidau - The Feathered Hat
Christian Von Schneidau
Elmer Wachtel - Through the Trees, Arroyo
Elmer Wachtel
Marion K. Wachtel - Fruit Trees in Bloom
Marion K. Wachtel
Nell Walker Warner - Along the Dock
Nell Walker Warner
Alexander Warshawsky - Birds & Flowers
Alexander Warshawsky
Thaddeus Welch - Creek Steep Ravine, Marin County
Thaddeus Welch
William Wendt - Valley Sunshine
William Wendt
Orrin White - Across the Valley
Orrin White
Edith White - Flowers
Edith White
Lillian V. Whiting - San Juan Mission
Lillian V. Whiting
John Whorf - Rehearsal
John Whorf
Olaf Carl Wieghorst - Desert Wanderer
Olaf Carl Wieghorst
Lemuel Maynard Wiles - The Apple Tree
Lemuel Maynard Wiles
Alice Beach Winter - The Garden Gate - Untitled
Alice Beach Winter
Robert E. Wood - Sailing
Robert E. Wood
Robert Wood - Laguna Shimmer
Robert Wood
Theodore Wores - San Juan Pass, July
Theodore Wores
Stanton Macdonald Wright - Still Life with Fruit
Stanton Macdonald Wright
Karl Julius Yens - First Art Gallery, Laguna
Karl Julius Yens
Fredrick A. Zimmerman - Catalina
Fredrick A. Zimmerman
James Milford Zornes - The River
James Milford Zornes

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