April 2016
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Kevin Macpherson

Granville Island
12 x 16 inches

KEVIN MACPHERSON makes painting look easy.  To watch him paint with complete freedom is amazing.  His spontaneity is evident in this intimate painting. Macpherson  continues to find inspiration in every corner of the world.  His travels include 45 countries to date. Always on the move he spreads his passion for art  by teaching, mentoring and through his  charity.  www.artambassador.org

Gregory Hull

16 x 20 inches

GREGORY HULL employs both subtlety and powerful impact in this marvelous painting of the Pacific Coast.  The vibrant red of the  luscious bougainvillea blend with the slightly overcast day. Hull's years of developing his artistic prowess on on display.

John Cosby

Tuesday Market
10 x 12 inches

JOHN COSBY  loves to people watch and study the nuances of every day life.  Here a simple market scene is bathed in bright light, warmth and excitement.  The artist invites us to take pleasure in the simple moments and see the beauty in our daily journey.     


  Phil Dike


Low Tide, China Cove, Corona Del Mar
20 x 30 inches

The Hilbert Museum of California Art at Chapman University was established thanks to the generosity of Mark and Janet Hilbert, whose superlative collection focuses on the “California Scene” painting movement of roughly the 1920s through the 1970s and beyond. The Hilbert Collection – which includes oils, watercolors, sketches and lithographs of rural and urban scenes, coastal views, farms, ranches, freeways and landscapes of everyday life in the Golden State – is a significant repository of 20th-century representational art by California artists. Painters of America. 

Low Tide, China Cove, Corona Del Mar circa 1935 is from the "California Scene" tradition. Phil Dike is Dike is a leading artist of the group know as the American Scene painters. This important painting is available at The Redfern Gallery.

The Irvine Museum   THE NATURE OF WATER: OUR MOST PRECIOUS RESOURCE through June 16, 2016 

Laguna Art Museum HELEN LUNDEBERG: A RETROSPECTIVE through May 30, 2016 CITY LIFE, LOS ANGELES: 1930s to 1950s through May 30, 2016

Huntington Library THE ARTIST'S GARDEN Boone Gallery through May 9, 2016

Bowers Museum CALIFORNIA THE GOLDEN YEARS permanent collection ongoing

Crocker Art Museum  BACK TO LIFE: BAY AREA FIGURE DRAWINGS the permanent collection

Art Walk    FIRST THURSDAYS ART WALK - April  7th and May 5th Laguna Beach 6 - 9  

Paul Lauritz
The Coming Storm - Matanuska River & Flats
with the Chugach Mountains, Alaska
20 x 24 inches

This marvelous painting was created during the time Paul Lauritz and his wife lived in Alaska from 1912 to 1919.  It was there that he befriended the famous American painter Sydney Laurence (1865-1940). The master painter Laurence profoundly influenced Lauritz whose painting flourished.  The style, color and technique in "The Coming Storm" exemplify the plein-air naturalism style of Sydney Laurence.  Lauritz adds the fresh light airy influence of the French Impressionists  making this an extraordinary painting.

Lauritz was born in Larvik, Norway, a scenic village that attracted painters from all over the world.  As A boy Lauritz received instruction from an English watercolorist and local artists. Thus began his career in art.  By 16 years old he was working as a commercial artist doing maps, posters, and decorations first in Vancouver, Canada, and then Portland, Oregon.  The Gold Rush called and Lauritz headed to Alaska with his new bride to seek his fortune in 1912.  The fortune he discovered was not in gold but of the magnificent landscape and his friendship with Sydney Laurence.  The two artists held a joint exhibition before Lauritz left Alaska.

In 1919 Lauritz settled in Los Angeles and established a studio-home in the Lyceum theatre on Spring Street. When not teaching at the Chouinard and Otis Institutes or in his studio, he made painting excursions to the Sierra, up the California coast as far north as Carmel, to Mexico (1921), the Columbia River (1924) and Norway (1925). While in his native land, he was commissioned by the King of Norway to do a painting for the royal palace. Lauritz was an involved member of the Los Angles art community and served for six years on the Los Angeles Municipal Art commission. A versatile painter, his diverse subjects include desert scenes, portraits, snow scenes, marines and landscapes.

Member: Laguna Beach Art Association (Charter member); California Art Club (President): Painters and Sculptors of Los Angeles; Royal Society of Artists, England; Society of Western Artists; southwest Art Association.

Exhibited: Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 1920, 1932; California State Fair, 1930; Oakland Art gallery, 1932; Stendahl and Wilshire Galleries, Los Angeles; Golden Gate international Exposition, 1939.

Works held: Hollywood Athletic Club; Laguna Museum; Pasadena Art Institute; Santa Cruz Art Gallery; Springville, Utah Museum of Art; UCLA; University of Chicago, Ebell Club, Los Angeles, Santa Paula Chamber of Commerce; San Diego Museum


Frederick Mulhaupt
Moonlight Bathers
Dated 1915

Moonlight Bathers is carefree scene that is masterfully executed. The painting is dated 1915 at a time when Mulhaupt resided in New York and visited Gloucester in the summers.  The iridescent reflections are achieved by this accomplished painter using subtle variation of white and blues and reds. As a master of composition he  engages us to stay transfixed on the scene.  The location is likely Plum Cove, a popular bathing spot on the north shore of Cape Ann, Massachusetts, the scene of other Mulhaupt beach scenes.

Frederick J. Mulhaupt was born  in Rockport, MO, on  March 28, 1871.  He studied at the Art Academy, Kansas City, MO, the  Art Institute of Chicago, and in  Paris Schools. Mulhaupt attended the  Art Institute of Chicago in the early 1890's, was a founding member of the Palette and Chisel Club in 1895.  He became an instructor of the figure at Art Institute of Chicago in 1902 and 1904.  Later  he took up residence at New York's famed Salmagundi Club.  Frequently, he traveled to Europe and exhibited works at the National Academy of Design in New York.  Mulhaupt  lived in New York during the winter and began to visit Gloucester in the summer.  In 1922 he moved there.   It was in Gloucester that Mulhaupt hit the pinnacle of his artistic talents.  He was a founding member of North Shore Arts Association and exhibited every year from 1923 to 1938.  Mulhaupt's was influenced during his years in Europe and was taken with St. Ives, Cornwall England. His attraction to the  harbor of Gloucester and its people are a significant part of his work.

Member: Associate National Academy of Design, New York; Palette and Chisel Club, Chicago, IL; Salmagundi Club, New York; American Art Association of Paris; National Arts Club, New York; Allied Artists of America; North Shore Art Association, Gloucester, MA.

Awards: Salmagundi - Evans Prize 1907; Salmagundi - Procter Prize 1921; Philadelphia Sesqui Centenial Medal 1925; Allied Artists of America 1925; Associate Member  - National Academy of Design 1925 -  The highest honor to be bestowed upon a practicing American Artist; Gedney Bunce Prize - Connecticut Academy of Fine Art 1927; Honorable Mention from National Arts Club - New York 19296

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