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Edgar Payne

Artist Biography

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Canyon De Chelly

Duck Lake, Sierra

Off the Harbor

Grand Canyon South

Blue Canyon, Arizona

Breton Sails

French Tuna Boats

Morning Light in the Sierra

Laguna Coast

A View of the Glacial Path

Foothills near Pasadena

High Sierra

Sierra Morning

Italian Boat Scene

Foothills and Eucalyptus

Peaks of Light

Autumn Sycamores

Chioggia Harbor

Sierra Morning

Rocks and Surf at Laguna

Dancing Surf

French Boats

Boats in Harbor

Breton Fishing Boats


Duck Lake, Sierra

Sierra Lake

Brittany Boats

In The Harbor

Chioggia Boats, Italy

Tuna Boats

Navajos on the Mesa

Owens Valley, California

Sierra Sunshine

Chioggia Canal

Boats of Sotto Marino

Breton Dories

Harbor Color

Canyon de Chelly

High Sierras

The Departure Sardine Fishing Boats

Mountains, Valley, Arroyo Seco, Pasadena

Near Sabrina

Brittany Harbor

Mountain Village

Lake Ediza

Canyon Color

Sierra Peaks and Snow


Sierra Tranquility

High Sierra

Sierra Lake

San Gabriel Mountains

Shaded Grove

The Matterhorn

Mountain Retreat

Italian Boats, Chioggia, Italy

Sierra Peak & Lake

Mountain Slopes, Independence

Untitled Seascape

Swiss Village

Chioggia Canal

Chioggia Harbor

Navajos in Canyon de Chelley

Italian Boats at Anchor

Laguna Canyon

Italian Cargo Boats

French Tuna Boats

The Valley Village

In the Foothills

Boats of Douarnenez

Fishing Adriatic

Looking Down on Mentone

The Matterhorn

Mountain Peaks

French Fishing Boats

Red Sails of Brittany

High Sierra

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